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All records professionally cleaned utilizing an ultrasonic RCM.

Send us your vinyl records and you will be amazed at the fidelity you will hear from our high definition vinyl LP to Digital [FLAC] transfers. Digital music never sounded so good! Trying to find out how to get your precious vinyl LP records transferred to digital? We offer three different LP to Digital [FLAC] transfer packages so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Or simply purchase our ready-to-ship LP to Digital [FLAC] transfers (includes LP and thumb drive!!) and enjoy the sound of the recording the way it was meant to be heard.

Our catalog of LP to Digital [FLAC] transfer packages is a great resource for hard to find, obscure and out of print recordings.

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All SONIC-RECREATION files are expertly mastered to give the highest quality sound. Final results may vary depending on the condition of your records. Unplayable vinyl (i.e. skipping, severely scratched or warped) will be returned with refund minus 25% handling fee. All records professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic RCM and inner sleeve(s) replaced unless otherwise requested.
SONIC-RECREATION does not repair damaged vinyl, but will fully restore damaged sound.

What We Do

What we do

We transfer your vinyl LP records to high resolution digital files [FLAC]. Our services include professionally cleaning the LP and replacing inner sleeve(s) with high quality, anti-static sleeves. We use a vintage, high quality turntable, high quality cartridge and stylus. All of our transfers utilize 24-bit / 192 KHz resolution. We then edit for track breaks and pop/click removal. When making 16-bit files we use an industry standard dithering process to minimize digital artifacts. Our editing tools and techniques are so good that no matter how we rate the LP, you can rest assured that the digital files are going to sound amazing.

Our Rating System

Our rating system

We rate covers and LPs separately, using notation based primarily on the Gold Mine system. Also, we intentionally underrate LPs. Abbreviations are as follows:

NM=Near Mint
VG=Very Good

"+" or "-" next to rating indicates slightly better or worse than the given rating



Listen to samples of a track from Harry Belafonte's album "Belafonte." The LP was in pretty sketchy condition, so it makes a great demonstration of how our editing tools work. Keep in mind, however, that to make these available via streaming web content, they have been heavily compressed. The original digital files sound even better. Don't forget to check our audiophile LP to Digital [FLAC] transfer catalog.



Platinum Package

Platinum Package

$39.99 USD (best value)
Audiophiles, if you want to hear all the sound your vinyl is capable of in amazing 24 bit / 192 kHz quality, order the Platinum Package for $39.99 US dollars and get both the high definition digital version, the redbook-ready [16 bit / 44.1 kHz] version and LP replica artwork [jpg files].

Other packages also available (see How to Order Products & Services

Don't own any vinyl? Don't worry! Browse our LP to Digital [FLAC] transfer catalog. Find that special, rare LP that you've been wanting on digital forever, but hasn't ever been reissued on digital. Or purchase an audiophile version of something already in your collection. The difference will amaze you.

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